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FFL Director, speaking at MBS in Sydney

FFL Director, speaking at MBS in Sydney


paul300-vitamixSydney, May 16 – 19 — FFL Director, Paul Rodney Turner, also known as the “food yogi” will be speaking every day of the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Sydney at the Soul Kitchen stage. Turner will talk about the work of Food for Life Global and share knowledge of food yoga, including some raw food recipes. The talks and demos are free to all attendees. Turner will have copies of his book, FOOD YOGA to autograph.

If you you’ve ever wanted to get involved with Food for Life as a volunteer or learn directly from Paul about the art and science of Food Yoga, there is no better time.

Paul will only be in Sydney until May 21 when he will fly to New Zealand to continue his world tour, helping to expand the work of the charity and educate the public about food yoga.

To learn more about Turner’s travel schedule, connect with him on 

ABOUT Mind, Body Spirit Festival

It’s a fantastic fun day out, filled with new experiences, entertainment, learning and expert advice.

At the MindBodySpirit Festival, you can learn to conquer stress in minutes, discover the latest herbal supplements,  or realise your psychic powers. Perhaps you’d like to know how to find your soul mate, enjoy the mysteries of tantric relationships, find that highly prized work-life balance, or balance your chakra.
There is something for everyone searching for a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

How to Get There

Sydney Convention and Exhibitions CentreHall 1, Sydney Exhibition & Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

One of Australia’s great waterfront destinations, with attractive harbourside promenade and parkland areas, Darling Harbour plays host to over 15 million international and local visitors every year.

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Food Yoga workshop in Bali

Food Yoga workshop in Bali

Raw Food Bali is thrilled and extremely grateful to be able to bring you this unique, inspirational Raw Food Workshop.

A Food Yoga Workshop with The Food Yogi a.k.a. Paul Rodney Turner

Saturday May 11, 10 AM – 3 PM

maya_Ubud_ResortPaul Rodney Turner, otherwise known as the Food Yogi, will be in Bali for a short time promoting his new book, Food Yoga: Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul, and has kindly provided Raw Food Bali with the opportunity of helping him organize a one day workshop, during which he will share some of the knowledge from his book and his wizardry in the kitchen.

The Mission of the Workshop

To inspire you to eat and live more consciously, by helping you make your food choices and your relationship with food an integral part of your spirituality. And to teach you some delicious Raw Food Recipes!

The Method

By teaching you how to nourish your mind, body and spirit via reconnection with the five principle energies that comprise our universe; Fire, Water, Air, Earth & Ether. The Food Yogi will do this by sharing stories and insights from his learnings and experiences as a student of India’s Vedic culture of hospitality, as well as his time spent living as a monk.

The workshop will be split into food demonstrations lasting approximately 2.5 hours, lectures lasting approximately 1.5 hours, an hour for lunch, and extra time at the end for a Q & A session.

The Details

When : Saturday the 11th of May from 10am – 3pm
Where : Our private kitchen in Ubud – directions will be sent to you once you buy a ticket. Space is limited so sign up early.
Cost : 1,000,000 Rupiah
Payments : Can be made online via paypal or credit card, or in person with cash in Ubud.
Discounts : Ask us for one if you have a KITAS or are a local Balinese.
Contact : Email us or call 081 237 613 489 to sign up or for more details

Purchase Your Ticket Online is Verified & Secured by and all payments are 100% securely processed through Paypal.

Ubud is a Raw Food Paradise!

Bali really is a fantastic place to visit and live for anyone who enjoys great tasting raw food.

Fresh, ultra-healthy food is in abundance here. Thanks to the efforts of a handful of dedicated local farmers, organic vegetables are readily available. Delicious tropical fruits like coconuts, mangoes, soursop, mangosteen and durian grow in many backyards. And world class superfoods such as organic raw cacao beans, irish moss, and virgin coconut oil are rarely more than a phone call away.

Because of this rich diversity, Bali is a preferred destination of raw food enthusiasts from all over the world. Not only does the island annually attract hundreds of visitors who love eating most of their food raw, but it is also home to a thriving community of raw food enthusiasts, chefs and even pioneers.

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Raw Food Nutrition Workshop in Uki

Raw Food Nutrition Workshop in Uki

FOODYOGA-POSTER-Dec12-webThe Food Yogi will be holding a 1 day workshop on Raw Food Nutrition at the famous Castle on the Hill B&B in Uki.

Workshop includes a raw vegan gourmet demonstration and lunch.

Topics covered include:

– Food and Spirituality
– Sacred Foods and their Alchemy
– The Sacred Geometry of Whole Foods
– The Yogi Diet
– Reconnecting with the Elements

Raw Food Demo include:

– Raw vegan cheesecake
– Seed pates
– Wraps
– Smoothies
– Vegan Ice Cream

Price: $50 (inclues raw lunch and recipe handouts)

Only 25 spots available. BOOK NOW!!!

Please download and place poster at your temple, hall or health food store.

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FOOD YOGA softcover – $29.95

FOOD YOGA softcover – $29.95

YOE-frontcover-NEW250FOOD YOGA – Nourishing the Body, Mind & Soul by Paul Rodney Turner, the food yogi.

Click to ORDER your softcover (380 pages) for only $29.95

“From this book you will learn how to achieve optimum health by practicing the Food Yogi diet and lifestyle, which includes what to eat, when to eat, water therapy, food offering meditation, and conscious eating. The characteristics of a food yogi, the metaphysics of food, sacred foods, the importance of water, the culture of spiritual hospitality – and much more – are explained in detail.

“This book is a virtual manifesto of the art and science of food yoga, and is a treasure trove of priceless information about many of the divine aspects of food.”

– KURMA DAS, Vegetarian Guru

“Thanks for your book and the food at Bluesfest! I am into the power of food, how what we consume is closely connected to our being as a whole and also being conscious and grateful for all the elements involved in bringing food to my plate.. so yes, i am enjoying reading ur book. big up!”

– Natalie Pa’apa’a

“Finally – the book that tells the whole story about this thing we do three times a day: eat. FOOD YOGA shares in delicious prose both the spiritual and physical relevance of food in our lives, and how we can use it to heal ourselves and our planet. ‘Should be must-read for anybody who’s ever held a fork.” – Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life and The Love-Powered Diet.”

– Victoria Moran

 Click to ORDER

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Food Yogi offering personal consultations

Food Yogi offering personal consultations

[embedplusvideo height=”359″ width=”590″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=7Blad7pRe3c&width=590&height=359&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep1539″ /]

The Food Yogi is offering personal one on one coaching at your home. I will personally train you to become a food yogi, including teaching you how to purchase foods, combine ingredients, plan meals and balance your diet. My time is limited, so first in first served. Message me on Facebook or fill in the form below. Pricing is on a case by case basis and is negotiable. I am also interested in service exchange (bartering). Hit me up if you’re interested.


Private consultations: $120 / hour

I will help you get your health back on track; reviewing your current diet, making the necessary adjustments and providing you the tools and knowledge to become the best you can.

Skype consultations: $95 / hour

From the convenience of your home, you can have the food yogi visit you and answer all your health and lifestyle questions (1 on 1).


Contact me for a private consultation

* indicates required field

Powered by Fast Secure Contact Form

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Eat Your Way to Health – new book

Eat Your Way to Health – new book

The younger the plant part you eat, the younger and healthier you stay!!! You can go after perfect health… and get it! You can take the diet you have… and improve it! You can take the leaf, flower-bud, fruit, etc, as described in the Bhagavad-Gita 9.26 and completely reversing all diseases. The science is in — a healthy vegan diet works. Introducing: MADHAVA DAS’S PLANT LIFE CYCLE DIET.

Since time immemorial the plant’s life cycle has been the key to health and longevity for man and animal alike. Find out the truth about what has gone wrong in the modern age and about how kindness, science and scripture can now save your life.  Learn how the plant life cycle and the Plant Life Cycle Diet can rejuvenate you to a state of paradisiacal health, happiness and beyond. Learn how to… Eat Your Way To Health!


“Thanks Madhava for all the explanation. I have read Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, Pritikin and Dr. Campbell and am now trying to put all the information together and determine what I am comfortable with. . I loved all your information & how you summarized & harmonized everyone. I found it all very helpful.”  – Lori Pitkowsky – Cornell University Student

“Very clever and effective. Humor and appeal to be current and up to date (not, God forbid, a “yesterday” person) works to get the message across.” – Margo Wood, Doctor of Education from Boston University, Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies and professor of Literacy Education at the University of Southern Maine.


$16.99 plus $3.59 shipping direct to your door!

About the Author

Madhava Das, also known as “Dasa”, is president of and chief researcher at Nutritional Research Maui, and holds a Cornell University Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition. Before taking to healthy living, Dasa, as a young man suffered from chronic lung congestion and extremely high blood pressure. In 1975 Madhava received professor Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System Lessen Course completed in 1922 which says vegetables and fruits are mucusless foods – similar to the modern research based Eat Your Way To Health, Plant Life Cycle Diet.

In 1976 Dasa adopted Ehret’s diet, more or less on faith, as science had not yet fully discovered and established the health benefits of the high nutrient per calorie, calorie normal, whole-food plant-based diet. Dasa is also a pioneering aviator being an original founder of the modern sport of hang gliding and the United States Hang Gliding Association; and having contributed to the design of the first successful human powered aircraft, the Gossamer Condor, now hanging at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C. beside the original Wright Brothers Flyer and the Apollo 11 command module, Columbia, that took the first humans to walk on the moon.


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Food Yogi giving talks in London

Food Yogi giving talks in London

The Food Yogi will be speaking at Alchemy Centre for Yoga in Camden, London, UK on Sunday, October 14th at 1pm. No need to register, the event is free and will be followed by a lecture by a 2-hour lecture with one of the world’s leading humanitarians, Satish Kumar starting at 3pm.  Cost: £30

New Trinity Soil, Soul, Society with Satish Kumar – 14th October
A Human aspirations have often been expressed in trinities.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit inspire the Christian vision.  Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness focused American aspirations.  Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité drove the French Revolution.  Mind, Body and Spirit was at the heart of the New Age movement.

To learn more visit:

Alchemy on GoogleMaps here.
Alchemy the Centre
Unit 101, Horse Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road
16th October 9pm – Inspiral Cafe


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FOOD YOGI talking at URBAN YOGA – Sept 22

FOOD YOGI talking at URBAN YOGA – Sept 22

On Saturday, 22 September, the Food Yogi, Priya Vrata will be leading a discussion on the art and science of food yoga at URBAN YOGA in Melbourne.

Come and learn about the secrets of connecting with food so that you nourish your body, mind and soul.

In his new book, FOOD YOGA, the food yogi makes the case that if we make the effort to focus on this very essential part of our lives—eating—incredible and transformative things can happen to us. Biodynamic Guru, Peter Proctor, also believes quality food helps people make moral decisions and have moral thoughts — “It’s not just stuff to fill your stomach. It actually gives you a real quality of thought and you realize that this is what the world needs.”

When you are living consciously, beginning with conscious eating, you will do so in all your thoughts and actions. Your life will be consistent and in harmony with your environment. In other words, you will complement your environment and not disturb it. Rather than being a “spoke in the wheel” of Nature, you will be a welcome participant in the garden of unlimited possibility.

Food is the most basic necessity of life. Its only purpose is to nourish the body, mind and soul. Food, therefore, should give us life, cleanse our body and also nourish our spirit. Eating food should never be just about fueling the physical body.

Priya will also share his experience of traveling to more than 50 countries expanding the world’s largest plantbased food relief, Food for Life (

WHERE: URBAN YOGA, Level 3, 123 Swanston St. Melbourne

See the event listing on Facebook and share with your friends.

JOIN the discussion on Facebook:

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Click to download full article

Leading consciousness magazine, VERITAS, published a three page article on Food Yoga written by director of Food for Life Global, Paul Rodney Turner. The article is an introduction to food yoga, but also shares many of Paul’s early experiences as a monk and humanitarian, including his work during the 2005 Tsunami relief in Sri Lanka.

“The path of food yoga is about reconnecting with your food in such a way that it nourishes your body, mind and soul. This is I believe is a major flaw in most lifestyle or nutrition programs being espoused today.

My background as a monk and my volunteer work for Food for Life Global, have taught me just how powerful food is as a uniter and healer of our body, mind and soul. In fact, the mission for the charity is not to feed hungry people, but rather, to unite the world through pure food. A food yogi is one who lives a balanced and conscientious life fueled by the uniting power of pure foods that have been prepared with loving intention.

Food yoga is, in essence, a discipline that embraces all spiritual paths by accepting one core truth – that food in its most pure form is divine and therefore an excellent medium for spiritual purification.” – (Excerpt from article)

The 13th edition of VERITAS magazine is available online and through most newsagents.


On October 20th, Paul will conduct a one day Food Yoga immersion workshop at the Unity of Melbourne centre.  The goal of the Food Yoga one day immersion workshop is to inspire people to live and eat more consciously, by making your food choices and their relationship with food an integral part of their spiritual journey. Register now (First ten people receive a free book or DVD). Email or phone 1300 916 798


VERITAS, Latin for Truth, will focus on increasing consciousness and offering people solutions to personal struggles or questions of existence. The content will include topics such as consciousness, holistic health and healing, esoterism, alternative therapies, ancient wisdom, lost civilizations and science and spirituality, and the many subjects that dominate our lives such as climate change and vaccinations, just to name a few. The magazine will offer and explore many alternative faiths, beliefs and theories to encourage you, the reader to look outside the box and explore the connection between science and spirituality as we finally start to bridge that gap.

Our mission at VERITAS is to assist our readers to find solutions in reaching their higher consciousness; something, which we believe has sadly been forgotten or lost. By reaching that higher consciousness, you will be able to find and achieve what we all truly want, what we all wish for, deep down inside — that yearning that we all feel, but to attain it with true understanding, wisdom and awareness that allows us to live in peace with all humanity and our planet.

Our world is changing at a rate of knots that is unprecedented during any other time in recorded history and we have all chosen to be here at this time. But by being here we have not chosen just to exist but to assist with the changes that are now taking place on our planet.

VERITAS came about from a need to provide solutions to the many ongoing issues that we face today. We feel that there is lots of information in the media trying to change our perspectives about what we face in the world rather than on how to go about actually making the change.

You won’t find doom and gloom theories in VERITAS, but rather positive articles inspiring people to explore the many options our universe has to show us. However, we won’t be shying away from difficult topics, but instead we will embrace them

and look for solutions.

VERITAS Magazine is about awakening consciousness in humanity. People are realizing that we are capable of so much more and humanity is starting to become more aware of what has either been hidden or lost through ancient civilizations.

VERITAS is a solution-based magazine that aims to provide mind-expanding and cutting edge information so we may raise our consciousness to transform our world to a place of Truth, Peace, Love, Compassion and Ultimate Happiness for all.

VERITAS aims to provide a balanced view of the world, not just the propagated view of the mass media outlets. We have adopted the task of providing thought provoking material to our readers so that your minds and your thinking may be stretched and developed.


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