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Sri Prahlad
 With the high-geared pace of living in a globalised-society, information, money, and transport move ever faster with each increasingly frequent technological advance. We seem ever intent on fast… fast connections, fast loans, fast cars, and fast food. Yet is fast best? Particularly, when it comes to the essential, primal ingredient of health and life – food. Priya Vrata’s “FOOD YOGA” provides a moment of rest to catch our breath, reflect, and gain clarity. His extensive knowledge drawn from both traditional and scientific sources provides insights into the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual nurturing provided when food is engaged with consciously, respectfully and spiritually…as Yoga. 
Michelle Crisp
 My first thought? What more could this book possibly have to say about food that countless other diet or “lifestyle” books haven’t already said? It was going to be a long and boring read about everything I already knew–eat more vegetables because they are good for you and cut out the sugar and fat because they’re not. Boy was I wrong! Food Yoga is so much more than that. It goes way beyond what you ever thought you knew about food and nourishment. In order for the reader to fully understand the importance and value of food, Priya Vrata (aka Paul Rodney Turner) first explains the fundamentals of life that play a vital role in Food Yoga: quantum physics, metaphysics, electromagnetics, DNA, the intelligent design of nature and the universe, sacred geometry, animism, the power of thoughts and emotions, the power and influence of water, Ying and Yang life forces . . . The list goes on and on. I was pleasantly surprised by this. Understanding all of these elements goes a long way to understanding why raw foods are so good for you. There is more to an apple than you ever thought possible. We even share the same torus (energetic body structure). Did you know that it is possible to live over 400 days without food altogether? It’s been done. Simply by Sun Gazing. Personally, I wouldn’t want to try it myself, I love my food, but the fact that the human body is capable of nourishing itself in the same manner as a plant is fascinating! Genetically modified organisms, thirteen foods you should only ever buy organic, A-Z list of sacred foods and their benefits, the ten elements of a Food Yogi diet, Ayurveda, Yoga, meal purification, the power of intention and gratitude, compassion for animals, food energies and alchemical reactions in the body, pages of fabulous smoothie recipes . . . To be honest, there is just too much more to tell you about this book than this space allows for. Whether you are a meat-eater, a vegetarian, a vegan, or a raw foodist, it really doesn’t matter; Food Yoga will give you countless valuable insights worthy of consideration before your next meal. Highly recommended! 
Vraja Kishor
 I didn't expect to like this book. I have already heard too many people using phrases like 'food yoga,' while their practical relationship with food isn't all that remarkable, and their understandof what makes food 'spiritual' seems very superstitious. I'm happy to say, though, that this book is NOT like that! Paul leads us through a very rational and thorough exploration of what food really is, and presents us a very deep and vivid methodology for interacting with it in a truly yogic, spiritual way. I hope many people from all walks of life read it, for I'm sure that whoever does will benefit immensely. 
Jonny Dale
 Paul's Food Yoga Workshop is an enrapturing concoction of culinary, scientific and spiritual wisdom topped with some of the best raw food I've ever eaten. 
Keeta Mustard
 Incredible! I've been taking it with me everywhere. I'm in the middle of many exams and assignments at the moment but its also helping with that which is very convienient! It's really motivated me be offering all things to the divine spirit first now, instead of just when i think to do it. 
Bree Turkington
 I have just finished reading your book and could not put it down ! Refreshing to see such a fresh approach to health and nutrition combined magically with food energetics and spirituality.I highly recommend Paul's book to anyone who is serious about developing their connection with their food, mother earth and the higher self.One great read. Much love. 
Marina Fick
 Attended a wonderful Food yoga workshop today very inspired & feeling blessed to have met Paul a very generous & wise humble man in every way & the raw food desserts & meals were truly delish. I really loved the guest speaker today & connecting with a wonderful community of people deep gratitude to Paul & all his wonderful organizers & helpers a very healing nurturing & inspiring experience ♥ 
Hiren N Kara
 Food Yoga presents simple choices to improve your lifestyle. The deeper you dive into the knowledge of this book the higher will be your understanding of values in life. Hearing Paul Turner talk on the subject is a bigger treat to make you happier, healthier and satisfied in life. A must read to make the world a better place to live in. 
Rita Ostermeyer
 If I may take this opportunity to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your “Food Yoga” book. I have since made significant changes to my whole approach with food and thank you so much for writing your book. I work in the health field in Darwin and work closely with our indigenous Australians and since reading your book I feel that I have been enabled better to talk to our people the importance with connection of food which is related to our whole being and our earth and our land which I believe has been so forgotten about. Thank you! 
Natalie Pa'apa'a
 Thanks for your book and the food at Bluesfest! I am into the power of food, how what we consume is closely connected to our being as a whole and also being conscious and grateful for all the elements involved in bringing food to my plate.. so yes, i am enjoying reading ur book. big up! 
Steven J Rosen
 FOOD YOGA is a thorough presentation of eating as a yogic science. Paul Rodney Turner deliciously elucidates the politics and nutritional esoterica of food, along with its underlying spiritual dimensions. The book is almost edible in its value and would be a tasteful addition to anyone’s library. A must read! 
 Thank you so much for the Food Yoga demonstration on Sunday at Witchie Woo – Bribie Island Queensland. It was an magical day and the food that you made with only a blender was amazing. It really makes you think about what you do put into your body and how we live in a world where we are conditioned as per our childhood’s as to what and how food is cooked and eaten. The Sunflower Seed Pate was delicious and the Smoothies whether many types of blends were incredible in their taste and the Cheesecake was awesome. Thank you again for your inspiration to make one really think about what we do to our bodies and also give the confidence to change one’s own habits. 
Vitoria Moran
 Finally - the book that tells the whole story about this thing we do three times a day: eat. FOOD YOGA shares in delicious prose both the spiritual and physical relevance of food in our lives, and how we can use it to heal ourselves and our planet. 'Should be must-read for anybody who's ever held a fork. 
Tegan Steele
 Today I have a book recommendation for you My book today is called Food Yoga. My friend Paul who is the author was previously a Monk & now is known as the Food Yogi. He travels the world feeding the poor & teaching his way of life. He is an incredible man who inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle from a holistic approach to nourish your body, mind and soul. Check out Paul's Facebook page to order his book, 
Katra Kodela
 I just want to say thank you, now that I really know what I got. 🙂 Your book is incredibly inspiring. I spent 2 days at the seaside and read it front to back in one breath. 🙂 It touches so many topics, and at this moment in life, the "water" chapter (and many others) resonated with me....I don't consider myself a great cook, but I'll appreciate eating now quite a bit more:) and i just wanted to add, I'm having my first raw month (9th day), being vegetarian 16.5 years, vegan 1.5, this opens totally new dimensions. YOUR BOOK CAME TO MY HANDS AT JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT as everything always does :))) 
Alana Rowe
 This is the kind of book you want anyone you love or care about to read and benefit from. Beautifully written from the heart with such truth and wisdom. Knowledge I enjoy teaching my son and one day he can teach his kids – like a gift that keeps on giving. Ancient wisdom presented in a practical way that anyone can take something from this book and will feel a sense of empowerment and motivation that you can live a healthy more fulfilled life. The recipes are fantastic for kids especially if you have fussy eaters like I do. Brilliant! 
Paul Shapiro
 I didn’t know much about your background and am impressed by it. What a long time to be a monk! There was quite a lot I’d not heard before in the book, especially about the Torus shape... I’d heard that some Hindus and Krishnas don’t eat garlic/onions, and am glad to now know why. Really appreciated the line about how easy it is to find fault, but how little we gain by doing so. If only more animal advocates took that to heart. 
Hari Bhakti Dey
 FOOD YOGA is an eye opener and very educational for the public in general. It is well researched and provides the reader with a lot of insights into the art of healthy eating. I recommend this book for everyone to read and I congratulate Priya Vrata (Paul Rodney Turner). 
Lili Papajorgji
 Food Yoga” is one of the most interesting and beneficial books I have ever read. Full of fascinating facts, such as the Sacred Geometry of Whole foods, the story of an Indian man who survives on Sun Gazing alone, Laughter Yoga etc. It has helped me and my family tremendously in daily lifestyle habits, being selective with the food and water we consume, incorporating as much fresh & locally grown fruit and vegetables, and eliminating unbeneficial ingredients from our diet. “Food Yoga” is a unique book, because it does not only concentrate on what to consume for optimal health, but makes that important realisation that food has the power to change our thoughts, feelings and our hearts. Above all food is a gift, and as such we should always respect it and give thanks and offerings to the Creator 
Maribeth Abrams
 I just finished reading your book! I loved, loved, loved it. Also, this is the first time that I actually read a book on the computer and since I have a nice comfy laptop it was great. I was even able to highlight passages and quotes that I plan to integrate in a presentation that I am doing next month for a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Anyway, back to your book. First of all, I think that you are a great writer. You write in a clear manner. I did not get lost or drift away at any time. I don't have a lot of experience reading books on this subject (perhaps because the number of such books are limited?) but one book that I did "try" to read well, the fact that I even use the word "try"...I tried but couldn't get through it. I picked up a lot in your book that I will integrate into my own life. 
Suvi Mahonen
 As a journalist, I’m often asked to write articles on inspiring people. So when I was commissioned to write an article about Food for Life Global director Paul Rodney Turner I was intrigued to read his book. I was pregnant with my first child at the time and open to exploring any new information on health and nutrition as the cravings for white bread, cakes and biscuits were becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Food Yoga got me back on track. It covered everything from how to prepare your food to increasing your fresh food intake and being respectful about its origins. Food became about nourishing the mind, body and soul, and not just of myself, but also that of the precious new life that was growing inside me. Never is it more important for a woman to eat healthy than when she is pregnant, and I am grateful that Food Yoga came into my life at just the right time. You can read the article I wrote on Paul and his work for Food For Life Global in Issue 40 of Australian Yoga Life magazine. 
Krishna Dharma
 A more comprehensive book on diet and its relation to mind, body, and spirit would be hard to find. Paul’s prodigious knowledge of his subject provides profound insights into just what the food you eat is doing to all three of these inter-related dimensions of your life. In terms of health, he offers clear guidance on how we can follow Hippocrates’ famous edict to ‘make food your medicine and medicine your food.’ It is said that all disease starts in the gut, and after reading this book you will know how by making simple adjustments to what you put in your mouth, you can avoid most of the illnesses that plague modern society. More than that, you will gain an understanding of how food affects your consciousness, subtly impelling you to act in ways that are ultimately harmful to your being. According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, food can either uplift or degrade you, take you towards higher realms of spiritual happiness, or down towards darkness and depression. So if you want to avoid the dark side this book is a must. Paul also discusses the impact of diet on our environment, something which we would do well to carefully note as we begin to experience more and more environmental catastrophes, many of which are rooted in what is on our plates. Finally, we learn from Paul of the oneness of all existence, of how food is a sacred gift from nature and God, of which we are all a part. Yoga is the means by which this truth is realized, and conscious eating is an integral part of that practice. The food yogi thus offers his food in gratitude to its creator, thereby spiritualising it so that eating becomes an act of divine communion with the Supreme. So if you want to be healthy, happy and progressive on the path of self-realization, this is the book for you. Highly recommended. 
Lillian Buttler
 I am on my third reading of your delightful book Food Yoga. What a remarkable journey that you've shared with us all. Everything about the book is uplifting and unifying. How fortunate the world is to have this laid out like this. As you may know in all of our classes and chef training the crux of all that we share is how to offer our food based on knowledge not just beliefs, You've done a marvelous job in giving the world the tools to do just that KNOWLEDGE! You've have covered every area needed to give any lay person insight and knowledge about the science of food and the science of Yoga. Blessings many times over for your continued endeavors to serve humanity to the utmost. Hari Bol 
Diana Bedran
 An inspiring and refreshing read for all health conscious people. Awakens compassion, gratitude and spirituality. 
Raghunath Cappo
 It's about time somebody wrote this book-and Paul Turner did it in an excellent way. A much needed contribution and soon to be staple for serious yogis. 
 What an absolutely wonderful and enlightening day Sunday was for me and you were such a gracious host and the girls did a wonderful job. Yogi Priya was truly wonderful and opened up a new world of all sorts of things for me I felt truly blessed that I was shown so many things, and the tastes, gee whiz they were just superb, and Priya did the most fantastic display for us all, what a brilliant shining Soul he is. Thank you, thank you. 
Rae Sikora
 The book is fantastic! I cannot believe how much you packed into that number of pages....everything from your personal story to various spiritual paths to USDA organics myth to Monsanto and more....I think this book will be a hit. 
Govinda Dasi
 This book written by the Food Yogi is informative, enlivening and chock full of valuable information. The well researched history of vitamins, medical treatments, as well as animal abuse is quite amazing. A lot of work has gone into presenting the truth about food to the world. In addition, the spiritual aspects of food gathering and preparation are presented in a non-judgemental fashion, inspiring the reader to approach nutritious foods with a mood of gratitude and appreciation. This will inspire abundance as well as spiritual growth, a much needed asset in today’s world. I highly recommend this book to everyone, since everyone must eat in order to live. And this book teaches a healthier approach to something we all must do.  




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