The song of the Food Yogi

The song of the Food Yogi

As the soft moist grass folds beneath my feet,
I contemplate my good fortune and beg not to repeat,
The failures of the past in a journey so long,
There’s just too much to tell in this very short song.

Holding my hands high, I reach for the sky,
personal liberation — I will not be denied,
By acting in ways that are averse to the course,
of the powerful waves — of that Illusory force.

I am far from perfect — and yet I feel so blessed,
by the saints that walked before me with egos undressed.
They now illuminate my path and guide my sorry plight,
in a world so overtaken by the fear of night.

Getting strength and vitality from the sun, water and air,
I embrace the divine love of the elemental fair,
as they nourish the teachings of the FOOD YOGA path,
and lead one and all to the Lord Jagannath.

The “Lord of the Universe,” manifest within,
every atom of life and every tube-torus spin,
There is nowhere in our existence that God cannot be seen,
and that is essentially what FOOD YOGA means.

So honour your SELF — by honouring that Lord,
See thy presence manifest — in total accord,
with the degree of your love and openness of your heart,
And that my dear friends is where spirituality starts.

So engage your tongue properly — in respectable ways,
Don’t chatter, offend — or eat horrible things today,
Purify the vibration — and the taste on your buds,
and experience the divine presence manifest from the mud,

Of a mischievious mind — submerged for far too long,
in matters of ignorance and sad love songs,
Realise your potential — beginning with your tongue,
and open your heart to the love of the divine ONE.

– Priya Vrata
(The Food Yogi)


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