Food Yogi to present at YogaFest, 2012

Food Yogi to present at YogaFest, 2012

Priya Vrata is the current Director of Food for Life Global, the world’s largest vegan/vegetarian food relief organisation with projects in over 50 countries, will be presenting at the 6th annual YogaFest in Brisbane on Saturday 30th June 11am and 4pm.

The FREE 40-minute presentation on Food Yoga will teach about the culture of spiritual hospitality and the importance of food on your spiritual journey. You will learn how to achieve optimum health by practicing the food yogi diet and lifestyle. The workshop will cover the importance of raw food nutrition and will include a demonstration of some affordable gourmet raw dishes. In his new book, FOOD YOGA – Nourishing the Soul, Priya Vrata discusses the metaphysics of food; sacred foods and alchemy; sacred geometry of food; the importance of water; food politics; spiritual hospitality; the 10 characteristics of a food yogi; food offering meditation, and how to eat with consciousness. Copies of the Food Yogi’s new book and DVD will be available to purchase.

About Priya Vrata and Food for Life

The charity’s services include free schools, orphanages, cow sanctuaries, eco-communities, medical care and large scale food distribution kitchens that serve over 1.5 million freshly cooked meals daily in India. At the age of 19 Priya was initiated into the Vaisvana Bhakti yoga tradition and lived as a celibate monk for 14 years. He is a former board member of IVU (International Vegetarian Union), and a senior IT consultant for the World Bank for 10 years. Along with teaching the art and science of food yoga, Priya is an accomplished Indian gourmet chef, raw vegan gourmet chef, Numerologist, and Yantrologist (talisman) designer. During his volunteer work for Food for Life, Priya has visited over 54 countries, conducting training seminars in 35 countries and regions of the world, as well as coordinating numerous disaster relief projects, including the Asian tsunami of 2004, Katrina hurricane in 2005, and the Japan Tsunami in 2011. Priya is an author of 7 book including, FOOD YOGA, The Yoga of Pool, World’s Best Aiming System, The Five Noble Truths, The Lion Warrior, Food for Life Training Manual, and How to Build a Successful a Food Relief.

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