Food Yoga Certification – Level 1

Food Yoga Certification – Level 1


Join Paul and Juliana for a delicious and informative day on how to be a food yogi and nourish your body, mind and soul.

Students of Food Yoga will learn the art and science of preparing and honouring food so that they learn to live and eat more consciously; helping them to unite and nourish their body, mind and soul. Students will also learn practical tips for healing their body and reaching optimal health. The food yogi will reveal the sacred geometry of whole foods, the importance of water, the critical role thoughts play food preparation and how spiritual evolution begins with the tongue.

The food yogi will share his personal experiences as a young monk and student of India’s Vedic culture of hospitality, while also drawing from scientific research and the world’s great spiritual traditions to provide a framework for elevating the act of eating from a dry and mundane task to a soul-satisfying experience.

The one day workshop will include demonstrations of raw vegan cuisine, detoxing diets and an introduction to intuitive cooking.

Highlights include:

  • The art and science of Food Yoga
  • Hands on demos
  • Raw vegan cuisine
  • Samples of all the food prepared


All students completing both workshops will be certified at level 1 of Food Yoga

FYBookAD-240px-21.95REGISTER now for $120

($20 discount) and also receive a free copy of FOOD YOGA – Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul

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