Detoxing the easy way

Detoxing the easy way

WORKSHOP – Detoxing

Join me for a delicious and informative workshop on how to detox your body, mind and soul the easy and natural way. Students will learn ancient techniques from the Ayurveda and also delicious detox recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

fiveelementsHighlights include:

  • Fasting the easy way
  • Ekadasi fasting
  • Detoxing with breathe
  • Detoxing with water
  • Detoxing with fire
  • Detoxing with earth
  • Detoxing the mind
  • How to cleanse the consciousness
  • How to balance your pH levels to more alkaline
  • How to make delicious detoxing juices
  • How to make delicious detoxing smoothies
  • How to detox while sleeping
  • How to detox without even trying
  • How to remain pure and free of harmful bacteria
  • How to avoid getting sick in the Winter



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