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Get a 50% discount code for the FOOD YOGI LEVEL 1 Certification course and also 2 free chapters of my best-selling book FOOD YOGA - Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul + 10 free smoothie recipes!

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We will cover the key components of the food yoga science and lifestyle which includes a full introduction to my book, FOOD YOGA -- Nourishing Body, Mind, & Spirit.


Learn the fundamentals of the food yoga lifestyle and how you can enrich your life through conscious eating and devotion.


FOOD YOGA is an art and a science and will provide a framework to elevate the act of eating from a dry and mundane chore to a soul-satisfying experience.


Students will learn about the more subtle aspect of food and how to achieve optimum health by practicing the Food Yogi diet and lifestyle, which includes, what to eat, when to eat, water therapy, detoxing and the sacred geometry of wholefoods.

As a Certified Food Yogi (Level 1) you will be able to proudly display this digital badge on your website which will automatically link back to our website for verification.

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"Finally - the book that tells the whole story about this thing we do three times a day: eat. FOOD YOGA shares in delicious prose both the spiritual and physical relevance of food in our lives, and how we can use it to heal ourselves and our planet. 'Should be must-read for anybody who's ever held a fork.

Victoria Moran, author of MAIN STREET VEGAN and Creating a Charmed Life

"It's about time somebody wrote this book and Paul Turner, the food yogi, did it in an excellent way. A much needed contribution and soon to be staple for serious yogis."

Raghunath Cappo - Yoga Master

"The book is fantastic! I cannot believe how much you packed into that number of pages....everything from your personal story to various spiritual paths to USDA organics myth to Monsanto and more....I think this book will be a hit."

Rae Sikora - Motivational Speaker and Animal Activist

"Paul's Food Yoga Training is an enrapturing concoction of culinary, scientific and spiritual wisdom topped with some of the best raw food I've ever eaten."

Jonny Freesh - Raw Food Chef and Rapper

"Attended a wonderful Food yoga workshop today very inspired & feeling blessed to have met Paul a very generous & wise humble man in every way & the raw food desserts & meals were truly delish. I really loved the guest speaker today & connecting with a wonderful community of people deep gratitude to Paul & all his wonderful organizers & helpers a very healing nurturing & inspiring experience ♥"

Marina Fick - Professional kinesiology practitioner, Reiki Master, Sleeptalk coach for children

Here Is What You Get When You Join the Academy

Week #1 - Introduction to FOOD YOGA

In this first week, we'll set the framework for all future lessons. I explain the fundamentals of what Food Yoga is and how we can start to apply it in our daily routines. I'll share a little bit about my journey and give an overview of the course. The first thing to understand is that everything is energy, including food, so I expect you'll drastically change your relationship with food just after these first few lessons. Finally, there will also be some raw food recipe demonstrations too, so get ready to take notes!

Week #2 - The 8 Great Elements & How They Work

This week you'll learn about the 8 material elements, the 5 gross elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, and the 3 subtle elements: Mind, Intelligence and Ego and how they work in our experience. Not only that, you'll learn about the importance of water and how it holds the key to mastery. Plus, you'll get more amazing raw food demonstrations.

Week #3 - The Sacred Geometry of Food

In this week, you'll get to understand the sacredness of food and how we all resonate to fiveness in this material realm. Understanding the nature of 5 reveals a key to reaching ultimate health through 5 key activities. You'll also get some insights on evil practices of the food industry and how to to make much smarter decisions on ingredients when preparing meals. Plus, more amazing recipes!

Week #4 - Food Offering Meditation

Wrapping up all that we've learned so far, we come to the most important part of the training, where you'll be able to take your culinary skills to the highest level -- connecting your spirituality to your meal preparation -- turning it into the most holistic experience for nourishing your body, mind and soul. I'll go over every part of this meditation carefully and give you even more wonderful recipes you can try at home!

Take Action Before This Offer Expires

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If you decide to go ahead and sign up for the Food Yoga Level One Certification Training, we stand behind the quality of this training and if for any reason you are not satisfied after 30 days, you can ask for a full refund.