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The path of the food yogi is one of truthfulness. You see, for a wellness program to be effective, it must be true to our spiritual identity. You and I are more than a physical body, so any program that focuses solely on the body is terribly lacking. You and I are dynamic, eternal spiritual beings expressing ourselves through a mind, intelligence and physical body. FOOD YOGA,¬†therefore, starts from the inside and works outward. By practicing FOOD YOGA, you will unleash your full potential and tap into a whole new paradigm. You’ll start to see the world around you differently. Things that disturbed you will no longer bother you; your mind will befriend you and your senses will come alive with new sensations. The higher taste you will experience will help you give up those lower tastes of the past, and you’ll greet the sun, morning breeze and Mother earth with gratitude and inspiration.

FOOD YOGA is the new food paradigm! I feel strongly that food in its most pure form, when prepared and served with loving intention, has the ability to elevate consciousness, unite the world in spiritual equality and create peace and prosperity for the entire planet. Thank you for joining me on this noble journey.


Paul Rodney Turner
The Food Yogi

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