Food Yogi Catering

Food Yogi Catering

Get the Food Yogi and Jaggy to cater for your next event, meeting or celebration. We specialise in Indian and raw vegan cuisine, but are also very accomplished in Italian lunches, English breakfasts, or delicious smoothies and desserts.

Indian Vegan Cuisine: Variety of subjis, Variety of rice dishes, parathas, chapati, puris, chutneys, samosas, pickles, dhals, soups, pakoras, puddings, etc.

Italian Vegan Cuisine: Pasta marinara, pizzas, salads, soups, fresh breads

Raw Vegan Cuisine: Nori and vegetable wraps, cheeses, pates, pies, cheesecakes, ice creams, chutneys, sourkrouts, chocolates, salads, soups, crackers and a variety of smoothies.




Pricing will be set depending on the volume of people and menu.

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