Pre-register for the FOOD YOGA ACADEMY

Pre-register for the FOOD YOGA ACADEMY

The Food Yoga Academy Retreat & Sanctuary

TFoodYogaAcademyLOGO255his project aims to address the most common problem experienced by wellness participants — lack of commitment to change — at the root, through offering a unique wellness experience that includes natural therapy, yoga, meditation, reconnection with nature and animals, coupled with non-sectarian spiritual counseling. We believe this “inside-out” approach — a combination of health and wellness taught in an environment where farmed animals are protected will facilitate a spiritual awakening and lead to more powerful and sustainable changes in lifestyle.

Food for the Soul

One of the fundamental differences that sets the international plant-based food relief organization, Food for Life Global, apart from other NGO’s in the sector, is its commitment to quality. All food produced by Food for Life Global affiliates are of the highest standard in sourcing, ingredients, cooking, and distribution. Each wholesome meal made at Food for Life Annamrita’s kitchens in India goes through a set of rigorous processes and procedures carefully controlled under an FSMS – Food Safety Management System.

Once the food is ready, it’s checked and documented for color, temperature, appearance, flavor, and consistency before filling in the containers. Containers are air dried after washing and sanitized, and then filled with food and sealed with a color-coded security seal. The security seal is an important aspect and schools are instructed not to accept containers if the seal is broken. Thus, the sealed containers along with serving spoons are loaded in the delivery vehicles to reach respective schools well before lunch time.

Every day 418 cooks prepare wholesome meals in 20 Annamrita kitchens & 303 vehicles carry hope and promise to over a million children in 6566 schools across India.

The full details of these high physical standards are explained here:


FOOD YOGA is a completely new approach to holistic living. Until now, books and workshops on healthy living and nutrition have focused on the mechanics of health and happiness, and in doing so, have promoted philosophies and plans that in one way or another have alienated vast numbers of people. As a result, despite volumes of literature and research, there is no consensus on what diet or mode of living is best. What they have all failed to identify is one underlying truth that connects us all and from which all health plans can be reconciled and/or elevated to their ultimate stature. That truth is: our constitutional nature is spirit and we are all spiritually equal. Any healthy living program, therefore, needs to address the “nutritional” needs of body, mind, and spirit.

Utilizing scientific facts and logical argument, we will introduce clients to higher concepts of self-worth, whereupon the selfish ideals of impersonal consumerism are replaced with a philosophy of grateful, interdependent spirituality, where health and happiness, are not the exclusive domain of a chosen few but are possible for everyone.

The workshops will aim to encourage the clients to start making food part of their daily spiritual ritual. The Food Yoga Certification program covers a wide range of topics related to food with the aim of making people think more deeply about their food choices and how important food is to their spiritual development. The participants will be led along a path of becoming more aware of the divine nature of food to the point where they are then introduced to what we call, The FOOD OFFERING MEDITATION, which summarizes the lessons learned along the way and serves to put them in the right frame of mind to transform their eating into a spiritual experience.

Food Yoga Alchemy

Students of Food Yoga will learn the art and science of preparing and honoring food so that they learn to live and eat more consciously; helping them to unite and nourish their body, mind, and soul. Students will also learn practical tips for healing their body and reaching optimal health. The food yogi will reveal the sacred geometry of whole foods, the importance of water, the critical role thoughts play food preparation and how spiritual evolution begins with the tongue.

The food yogi will share his personal experiences as a young monk and student of India’s Vedic culture of hospitality, while also drawing from scientific research and the world’s great spiritual traditions to provide a framework for elevating the act of eating from a dry and mundane task to a soul-satisfying experience.

The certification course will include demonstrations of raw and cooked vegan cuisine and delicious meals prepared by the food yogi.


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